5 Kenyan Millionaires Who Made It Without University Degrees

Kenyan who became millionaires without degrees
Kenyan millionaires without university degrees

We have always heard people say education is the key to success since I can remember. However, there are wealthy Kenyans who didn’t complete college but still find themselves in the Millionaire Club.

Below we look at some of the Kenyan millionaires who made it without a college or university degree.

Kenyans Who Became Millionaires Without University Degree

  1. Chris Kirubi
Chris Kirubi Kenyan millionaire without degree from university
Chris Kirubi

Chris Kirubi is arguably the richest Kenyan industrialist at the moment. A businessman, industrialist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kirubi owns Haco Industries, Capital FM radio and is also the biggest shareholder in Centum Investments. Kirubi lost his parents at a young age, and managed to land himself a salesman job at Shell selling and repairing gas cylinders. That happened to have been his first job, but now he’s among the richest men in Kenya.

  1. Deepak Kamani
Kenyan millionaires who don't have degrees
Deepak Kamani

Speaking during an interview with one local daily newspaper, controversial billionaire Deepak Kamani said he didn’t like school at all. The billionaire businessman dropped out while in form two and joined his father’s auto shop. Kamani owns Zuri Group Global which has a chain of 5 and 7-star hotels in Kenya, India, the United Kingdom, South Africa and exclusive homes in Dubai.

  1. Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki
Churchill among Kenyans millionaires without college degrees
Daniel Ndambuki

Regarded as the godfather of Kenyan comedy, Daniel Ndambuki, better known as Churchill, is one of the Kenyan celebrities to have become millionaires without a degree. He co-hosts Classic 105 morning show with Maina Kageni and word has it that he walks home with more than a million every month. Then add his multi-million comedy show that runs on NTV every week. Although Churchill attended high school, not much is known about his higher education.

  1. Maina Kageni
Millionaires in Kenya without university degrees
Maina Kageni

Maina was to attend a college in the UK but upon arriving there he changed his mind. Instead of joining college, Maina started working as a truck driver and fish distributor for a Chinese firm. He now drives expensive cars and enjoys a six-figure salary if not seven. He’s one of the most listened to radio presenters in Kenya.

  1. Rajiv Mehta
Kenyan millionaires without degrees from college
Rajiv Mehta

He’s the founder of Tangerine Investments which deals with outdoor advertising. The firm uses public transit vehicles, street poles and litterbins to market leading consumer goods in Kenya. Rajiv Mehta dropped out of university and worked at his father’s business. He later started Tangerine Investments which currently enjoys an annual turnover exceeding $1 million.

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