Where to Buy Mitumba Bales in Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika & Other Parts of Kenya

Buy Mitumba Bales in Nairobi
Places to buy mitumba bales in Nairobi

Are you planning to start a mitumba business but you don’t know how or where to buy the mitumba bales? Worry not because we have sampled for you a few contacts of mitumba bales sellers in Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika and other parts of the country.

However, we would you to know that these are just suggestions and most of them sell their mitumba bales for anything between Ksh 9000 and Ksh 30,000 depending on the type of clothes you wish to buy.

Since we are just suggesting these sellers to you, it is your duty to do more research and identify the cheapest suppliers with quality mitumba bales.

Secondly, do not pay for mitumba bales you haven’t received unless you trust or know the supplier. The best would be to pay on delivery.

Where to Buy Mitumba Bales in Nairobi
Places to buy mitumba bales in Nairobi and Mombasa

It is worth noting that mitumba bales come in grades, so if you need Grade A you better be very specific with it before your supplier comes with a different grade.

  1. Nairobi West, Langata and CBD – +254724589948
  2. Industrial Area, Nairobi – 254719686596
  3. Gikomba and Starehe, Nairobi – +25472658 8784
  4. Kamukunji, Nairobi- +254718607874
  5. Nairobi Mitumba Bales – +254773315088
  6. Mitumba Bales Nairobi – +254724852215
  7. Thika and Kiambu – +254711222646
  8. Mombasa Island, Mombasa – +254724132948
  9. Ainamoi, Kericho – +254717960003

For more contacts you can use this link to contact them via Facebook: Mitumba Bales Kenya. If you sell Mitumba bales you can also add your contact details on the comments section below this post.