10 Estates With The Most Sugar Daddies In Nairobi

Estates with many sugar daddies in Nairobi
Estates with most sugar daddies in Nairobi

We have all come to accept the fact that sugar daddies are there to stay. Why? Because young ladies often want men who can take good care of their financial needs, buy them expensive gifts and gadgets, jewelries, electronics and even take them on expensive trips.

All these cannot be afforded by a hustling fella who’s either still in college or is in his first job. So the only solution is to find a loaded man, often married, who can foot the bills and spoil them beyond their imaginations.

That said, there are many residential estates in Nairobi where sugar daddies or sponsors either live or love to flock. Below we have a list for you….

  1. Westlands

This is an estate with arguably the highest number of sugar daddies who will chase more than one lady at a time. They are often found in clubs, hotels and even events. They are well loaded and footing bills isn’t a problem to them. They are capable to maintain more than one sugar babe at the same time.

  1. Parklands

Parklands is another estate with many sugar daddies in Nairobi mainly as a result of two universities having their campuses there – KU and UON. The old men who are often past their forties and fifties pick girls from campus and drop them later on after quenching their thirst.

  1. Lavington

This is one estate where a larger percentage of sugar daddies are too old for university students and young graduates. But the ladies do not mind provided their financial needs are taken care of. These are the types of sugar daddies who will buy Viagra when their sugar babes are coming around just to make sure they don’t disappoint in bed. I wonder how long the sugar babes will struggle to awaken the old man’s sleepy fella.

  1. Buru Buru

Most sugar daddies like renting houses for their chiquititas in this estate. On weekends you’ll see ladies being chauffeured out of the estate by old men but on a Monday you’ll be brushing shoulders with them trying to get into the next mat to town for work.

  1. Kahawa Sukari

This is another estate with most sugar daddies in Nairobi due to the nearest university, KU, providing cheap ladies for the rich old guys. For your information, anywhere you spot a major college or university outside the CBD just know sugar daddies are always preying around, and Kahawa Sukari is no different.

  1. Lang’ata

This estate is where you find a secretary earning less than 40K a month but paying rent of 30K. The number of sugar daddies who live or visit this place is almost uncountable. Unfortunately, anyone who has lived in Lang’ata will tell you how chics fell out with their sugar daddy and as a result had to “migrate” to another estate or apartment because she couldn’t manage to pay her rent with her little salary.

  1. Nyayo Estate

Did I say Nyayo Estate? Yes I did. This is one of the estates known to have the thirstiest women. Not that being thirsty is wrong, but that’s exactly what sugar daddies are looking for – thirsty young ladies willing to do anything for cash.

  1. Upper Hill

Most ladies in this area desire the sweet things without a desire to work hard for them. And for this reason, sugar daddies come to their rescue to give them exactly what they want. Unfortunately, sugar daddies get played here, one girl having multiple sugar daddies at a go. That’s why most men don’t really look for something serious from these sugar babes; they just come to quench their thirst when need be and return to their wives for a sumptuous dinner. Eventually, the sugar babes will graduate into sugar mamas because they have harvested enough from the filthy rich men who can’t satisfy them in bed.

  1. Gigiri

This is a popular estate amongst diplomats working at various foreign embassies in Nairobi. Most Americans and Canadians stay in this estate. Furthermore, The German School and The International School of Kenya are located near Gigiri making it the perfect option for expats moving to Kenya with their families. So ladies finding a sugar daddy in this estate isn’t much of a hustle, and they are well loaded too.

  1. Hurlingham

This place has some of the finest restaurants where rich men looking for young ladies flock. Sugar daddies in this place are looking for young college and university girls to “make them happy” and in return give them anything they want.