Kenyan Millionaires Who Dropped Out Of High School and College

Kenyan Millionaires Who Dropped Out of School
Kenyan Millionaires Who Dropped Out of School

Last week we focused on Kenyan millionaires without university degrees, but today we’re going to look at some of the Kenyan millionaires who dropped out of school and still made it in life.

Kenyan Millionaires Who Dropped Out of School

  1. “Prophet” Kanyari

Pastor Victor Kanyari made headlines a while back for all the wrong reasons, including asking church members to panda mbegu ya 310 and touching a woman’s breasts in front of his congregation. Kanyari is a Form Two drop out but has managed to make millions and now owns expensive cars such as Range Rover Sports and living in a multimillion mansion.

  1. Johnson Muthama

Johnson Muthama is among the most vocal Kamba leaders in Kenya and is said to have dropped out of school in Standard Seven. He’s now a millionaire and it seems dropping out of school at such a young age might have taught him a few lessons on amassing wealth.

  1. Bonoko

You remember the famous line “huyo sio mwizi anauza mutura pale Ngara” that was used by artistes and DJs a few years back? That was Bonoko, real name James Kang’ethe Kimani, who came from a humble background, born in the streets and used to sleep in the gutters under the highways. Bonoko ran away from school twice having been among those rounded up by the government and taken to special schools to be reformed. Unfortunately, he completed only 2 years of primary school education, and it was not until his voice was used by DJs and artistes that he became an instant sensation and later landed a job as a presenter at Ghetto Radio.

  1. Maina Kageni

After completing Form Four at Laiser Hills Academy, Maina Kageni was to join a college in the UK. However, upon arriving there he failed to enroll and instead became a truck driver. Upon returning to Kenya he landed a job at Radio Africa, and is rumored to earn over Ksh 1.5 million a month.

  1. Heshan de Silva

Heshan graduated from high school aged 16 and immediately joined university. However, he dropped out of university after just 1 year. He tried to apply for jobs but with a transcript of Fs it was hard finding a job. Today he’s one of the richest young venture capitalists in Kenya. He’s the founder of De Silva Group worth over $10 million.

  1. Samuel Majani

Samuel Majani is the founder of Ghafla and is a school dropout. Majani was a student at JKUAT where he was pursuing a degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering. He failed 8 re-retake units and as a result he was discontinued. Driven by his passion for Kenyan music, Majani started a website called which he later rebranded to Ghafla!