5 Most Marketable Certificate Courses In Kenya 2018

Most Marketable Certificate Courses In Kenya
Graduates celebrating their achievement

According to most recruitment consultants, having a single Diploma or Degree won’t guarantee you a job or promotion neither will having Masters tower you over your fellow workmates. Sadly, most graduates rely too much on college and university education, often degrees and diplomas, not knowing that there’s something extra most employers will be looking for in your resume. According to Diana Mwawaza, founder and CEO of an IT services outsourcing firm in Westlands, Nairobi, most employers would rather hire a high school drop out with the appropriate skills rather than a college graduate who will demand high salaries will little to offer. Below we look at some of the certificates most marketable in Kenya.

Most Marketable Certificate Courses To Study In Kenya

Based on our research and arguments of most firm heads, we have sampled a few certificate courses that will be on demand come 2018.

  1. Management Certificate

Katherine Katiye, a graduate from Amani Institute , having Management Certificate will help you climb the corporate ladder to success because it helps build and nurture leaders in the work environment. Katherine states that your Degree might land you the job, but having Management Certificate weighs in your favor when it comes to promotion and career growth. This course involves unites such as Business Communication and Management (BCOM), Principles of Marketing, Marketing, Law and Purchasing. The course, in general, helps equip the learner with the most important communication skills that will enable them communicate effectively is a business world characterized by advanced communication tools and demanding business environment. It takes you 3-6 months to complete this course, and you can do it part time or attend evening classes.

  1. Computer Applications Certificate

In this age of technology you ought to computer literate in order to be an effective team member in a modern workplace setup. Although some may ignore the basic computer packages, they are very instrumental for any job seeker who intends to land a white-color job. That’s why employers would like to know whether you’re computer literate or not, as well as proving so with your certificate. You can complete this course within 13 weeks, roughly 4 months.

  1. Computer Programming Certificate

Computer Programming Certificate course is a technical program aimed at providing students with an entry point in computer-related careers such as programming, web design and software and solutions management. Skills you’ll acquire with this course are more technical compared to those from Computer Applications Certificate, such as setting up a computer network in a workplace such those all computers are interlinked to each other. This course runs for between 8-16 weeks, and costs an average of Ksh 30,000 in most Nairobi Colleges.

  1. Accounting Technicians Certificate

Any business requires an accountant because keeping financial records up to date is very important. According to KCA University, arguably the best Kenyan university offering Accounting courses, this certificate program helps the learners how to maintain accounting records as well as carry out routine office operations such as audit tasks and tax calculations. You can complete this course within a span of 1 year only.

  1. Certificate in Human Resource Management

According to Kentrac College, this short course equips you with skills to work in Office Administration and Management unit. The Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) adds that the course prepares you for executive position in almost any firm. Developing your management skills should be your first priority after completing your Degree or Diploma course in a different field that doesn’t offer management courses. This course takes 12 months to complete, but you can still complete the same within 6 months.

Now you know the most marketable certificate courses in Kenya at the moment. The key for your career growth and success would be to invest in developing management skills because by doing so you’ll be increasing your chances of being promoted to management positions in any firm. Read more below….