This is How Sugar Mummies Lure Young University Students For S3x

How Nairobi sugar mummies lure university students
How sugar mummies lure university students for sex

It has come to our attention that sugar mummies no longer wish to be called by that name, but instead referred as cougars. A cougar is an older woman seeking a s3xual relationship with a younger man.

Most of these women are aged 35+ and hunt for younger men who are still energetic with hot blood ready to satisfy their s3xual desires. Although cougars are often found in western countries, it now appears Kenya hasn’t been left behind as many older, independent and [email protected] starved women are jumping on the cougar bandwagon.

Older Kenyan women have now have their own Facebook page through which they hunt for hot-blooded men aged below 30 years. As if that isn’t the only thing in their minds, they are now throwing parties where they get entertained by young men, most of whom are ready to have fun with older and independent women.

According to word on the street, young men are paid up to Ksh 15,000 a week to satisfy a cougar, which means they make up to Ksh 60,000 a month, an amount not many jobless youths and campus students find hard to resist.

One fact is that as much as we say there are many desperate Kenyan women who will even get pregnant intentionally just to get hold of a man for marriage, the number of desperate men is equally the same.

More and more men are opening up to the idea of having an older woman in their lives just for fun and of course financial support. This is what makes such cougar events easy to organize.

Warning though, if the deal is too sweet, better think a million times because there’s nothing for free. Chances are you’ll be walking into a trap that you might as well leave to regret. So Kenyan men, look before you leap.

Below are photos of the cougar events sugar mummies are using to lure young men, including university students to have s3x with them.

How sugar mummies lure young energetic university students
How university students are lured by sugar mummies in Nairobi
How sugar moms lure university students in Kenya
How sugar moms lure university students
Sugar mums and cougars after young university students
How sugar mummies lure young university students
How sugar moms lure innocent university students
How sugar moms lure university students

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